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November 19th, 2012, 21:55
I've played and beat all 5 QFG games(actually beating the 5th one was a collaborative effort between a friend and I), I got my first PC back in 1993, one of the first games I remember playing was QFG 1(the VGA remake). I liked that you could transfer your character between all 5 games, few other rpg's allowed that. It was a lot of fun for me, though I realize if you don't appreciate some elements of humor in your games, you might not appreciate QFG. Not that it's all humorous, things can get quite serious as well. I wished that they allowed you to choose the sex of your character(perhaps the reason they left that out was limited budgets that wouldn't allow for them to be able to have two different stories for males and females), that was one downisde. They at least allowed class choice(fighter, magic-user, thief, and in part 2 and later, paladin became a possibility).
I wish that the creators of Quest for Glory could afford to make Hero-U a 3D game ala Skyrim, or even an older game like Morrowind, but with their limited budget, I think they are doing the best they can. I believe that if Hero-U sells well enough and they make enough profit, they will increase the graphic quality and length of the game and maybe even consider 3D for Hero-U2. Guess we'll have to wait and see how successful they are.
I don't really know what I could say to convince you to pledge to the Hero-U kickstarter, but I've played many different crpg's over the years(I started out playing PnP roleplaying games in 1980 and became a Macintosh gamer in 1985 on Mac with 512k ram w/ black and white screen(yes there were some good Mac games back then, including crpgs), which allowed me to enjoy a great Mac only cprg called Quarterstaff:The Tomb of Setmoth which came out in 1987 or 1988 but it required an upgrade to 1mb of ram or 2mb ram if you wanted to play it in color on a super expensive Mac II, and I switched to PC in 1993), and the QFG series of games which blended crpg and adventure games are some of my favorite(and I'm definitely looking forward to the Hero-U series). True, the QFG games are dated looking now(the first one came out in 1989), compared to current crpg's, but they looked and played decent for the time they came out.
Some may not know this, but the developers of QFG and Hero-U don't have the rights to make any more sequels to the Quest for Glory games, so that is why they decided to make a new series of games which are set in the same game world, but with different characters. I imagine some gamers who don't realize they don't own the rights to QFG may have been upset that they decided to make Hero-U instead of QFG 6. I think if the developers could afford to buy the rights for Quest for Glory and make QFG 6, they would. Perhaps if they are successful enough with the Hero-U series of games, they'll be able to afford to do that in the future.
P.S. If you ever decide to give the QFG series a try, and play QFG 2, try the free ADG remake of QFG 2 instead of the original version, it's got superior graphics to the original version, and some things got cut out of the original(due to time or budget restrictions) QFG2 that were added back in to the remake.
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