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November 20th, 2012, 13:05
KoA had the most uninspired world and quest design in recent times. Yes, it was huge - but it was also completely void of truly unique content. It felt like a lifeless MMO world with non-descript and almost randomly generated quests. Like WoW anno 2004.

Combat was entertaining enough - but very poorly balanced, and a complete pushover once you got to level ~15 or so.

Ken Rolston went on and on about how deep the lore was, and how much text was written for the backstory. Problem was that it wasn't integrated into the actual game - and every dungeon/location looked just like the last one and you had no idea about the backstory. Yes, you found those little things that told you a bit of completely out-of-context lore - but it did very little to immerse you in the samey locations.

What a complete cop-out and deceitful way to market their game.

Beyond that, they were seriously expecting to sell it to both action fans and hardcore RPG fans. For whatever reason, they expected a beat-em up arcade combat system to appeal to RPG fans, which I will never understand. Also, fans of that kind of combat are hardly going to pick a "deep" RPG for their kicks.

Darksiders 2 was a much more honest delivery of the same kind of thing, and it - at least - understood its audience.

Sorry, but while KoA was an interesting experiment - it was shallow and hollow for a game that was intended to compete directly with TES - with its massive lore and well-built world.




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