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November 20th, 2012, 13:40
How could it be otherwise?

RPGers have already proven their determination to apply their RPG elements to any kind of games possible, without ever checking up on the validity of the claims.

The future is RPG. It can not be otherwise. As more and more gameplays mature, as the economic crisis deepens (getting the developpers to be more and more conservative), game designers are going to include more and more secondary features to their games.

Expect more and more shooters, car driving games, sports games to include a character progression system, scripted narrative or stuff like that as it suits the situation. And they will be elegible as RPGs, all of them.

And as RPGers consider role playing games not to be about role playing but about the inclusion of certain elements that can be used by so many other gaming genres (that are already included in other genres and will be even more included), expect the number of RPGs to increase.

It is simple: since, through their approach of RPGing, a very large number of games will be eligible to be called RPGs, no future for RPG would mean no future for gaming.

The only way there is no RPG made in the future is there is no longer games being made in the future.

Wont happen.
Wont happen.
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