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November 20th, 2012, 18:14
A question to you good sirs and ladies knowledgeable in old AD&D rules. I found Bracers of AC 6 during my adventures in the catacombs, but am unsure what they do exactly. I had one of my warriors wear them (who had AC 0), but they didn't do anything to his AC. Then I had one my mages wear them (with AC 7 or 8), and that dropped her AC to 4 or so (can't check, at work now). So, apparently they work only if you have AC above 6 and then drop the AC either by 6 from base AC of 10 OR drop it by 6 from base AC including your DEX modifier. Or something. Can any of you give me a definite answer?

(BTW, I flipped though the manual, but didn't find anything detailing how Bracers of AC 6 are supposed to work. It's been so long since I last played an AD&D rule set game, that I just don't remember this.)
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