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November 20th, 2012, 21:17
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
Right. Sounds like it's too early for a Kickstarter then. I guess he didn't see what happened when 'Old School RPG' tried to fund a project based on nothing but name-dropping.
This really. Name recognition only gets you so far, and if your name is tied to small cult hits, in a niche category, that name gets you fierce loyalty, but limited quantity. "I want to make this, and it'll will be awesome" doesn't work as well as it first did on kickstarter now that people are getting exhausted by it.

Developers need to start treating Kickstarter like pitching to a publisher, to investors, or an episode of Shark Tank.

Would you walk into a board room with no design document, no prototype, and no vision statement and just sit down and go "I want to make a RPG. It will be awesome, innovative, and do new things. No I'm not going to tell you how it will do those. Just trust me. Now give me your money"? These days complaining about "I want to make a great game, but the MAN won't let me" just doesn't work like it did when Fargo and Tim Schafear did it.
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