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November 20th, 2012, 22:28
The lore, to me, was amazing. I enjoyed it a lot.

I don't really see what more one could want from the quests. Did you do any of the Warsworn quests? Scholia Arcana? House of Ballads? The Arena? Etc etc. The quests overall were very enjoyable.

Yes, there were some "amazing" quests in my opinion, such as going to visit Windemere and meeting the Maid. Or uncovering the mysteries behind the spiders of Webwood. Or defeating the Ettin priests of Ettinmere. Frankly, there were so many good quests in that game that it really blows my mind that people didn't enjoy them. I don't understand for a second why that is.

I will give you the fact that the game was too easy. I only died a few times while playing on Hard. The challenge definitely could have been ramped up. But really, that's the only thing about the game I feel they could have improved. I wish it was harder. But I still enjoyed it a ton regardless.

Of course, to each their own…
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