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November 21st, 2012, 01:35
Yes actually my board game publisher who has about 60 game campaigns run and published with Kickstarter has done detailed statistics and analysis of Kickstarter campaigns and project windows. They have determined that the worst time to run any kind of project on Kickstarter is January through March just after the Holiday spending sprees. They highly recommend waiting until the beginning of April to start a Kickstarter campaign if one cannot be started in November.
Of course that was for board games and not PC games. However they have analyzed data corresponding to all Kickstarter campaigns and find that the January-March timeframe is the worst on all fronts.
Starting now might not appear to be a perfect launch timeframe, but their only option would be to wait another four months. From my chats with Sword and Circuitry Studios, Neal Halford's studio, they appeared to be really excited about working on the project full on. Neal has several endeavors he works on with Swords and Circuitry Studios, much of it for filming and editting as one of his jobs, I think he needs this project where he could commit most of his time as this is exactly his gift, his passion and talent

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What he refers to is that reportedly research showed that Kickstarters in certain months are less successful than in others. April would have been the next "good" window.
Maybe somebody else will post the details.
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