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November 21st, 2012, 03:46
Cool rune. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

I did get the feeling that some people didn't give the game a fair shake. Not only that, but a lot of people had preconceived notions about the game before it even came out, and then they went into the game with those ideas and ruined the game for themselves. I noticed that a lot on the internet.

Just an example, but whoever came out and said the game was supposed to be an MMO (which it wasn't), people seemed to latch on to that for some odd reason. Next thing you heard was that all the quests seemed like MMO fare, or the game felt too much like an MMO, etc. Had the word MMO never been brought up I question if those criticisms would have surfaced at all.

Same thing with the action combat talk. Soon as people heard there was combat like an action game, well, automatically the game must be shallow and lack depth because hell, how can a game with action combat have any depth? Especially an RPG.

These ideas seemed to linger in certain circles and some people never got over them. Shame too because Amalur is a special game that doesn't come around all the time.

It's very sad to see what happened to 38 Studios. They were planning big things with the universe of Amalur and to see it all just go down the drain like that is just very sad. Who knows how great they could have been.
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