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November 21st, 2012, 13:42
Would have been fun to be on here when Amalur came out. I could write page upon page of stuff I didn't like about the game, but it's all a bit blurry now. It seems to be a game that really divides the ARPG crowd and those who prefer more traditional RPGs. And I do play and enjoy some ARPGs. Take Dragons Dogma, I really liked that game. It had its shortcomings, thin in the story/dialogue department for one thing, but it had something (I've never really managed to put my finger on it) I really liked that made me look past its imperfections (or nearly forget them, even). Then again they never claimed to make an RPG either.

I think that's my main problem with Amalur, there was just nothing about it that stood out, nothing that would make me enjoy it regardless of its shortcomings. It was like they tried to do everything they could think of, but they did nothing of it really well. All the story stuff, lore and so on just blended into the background for me and I never really felt engaged. Or rather, it didn't make me feel anything (that was my main problem with Amalur, now that I come to think of it). Nothing to connect me to and make me care about the world, the characters and so on. Not even the combat could save it for my part, because all the other content just took up to much space, making me wonder if I were playing an action game in a fantasy setting or an RPG, and I didn't even like the combat that much. It was fun, yeah, good fun in the beginning (I won't deny that), but it wore off after awhile. It was just too over-the-top, hitting people so they fly through the air kind of ridiculous. I'm more into pummeling people into the ground (keeping it a bit realistic), than sending them flying.
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