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November 21st, 2012, 15:07
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
I really like amular as well. Dartagon played the demo and came to those conclusions.

It's a shame many here cheered when the company went down. I thought it was an excellant first game that with refinements could be a truely great one…now we will never know.
It's not true everyone here disliked amalur, actually many ppl enjoyed it and many do believe just like you that with "refinements" it could be a classic.

The only person on this forum that cheered when studio38 went down was - me. I'm the rotten scumbag who despises grinders and doesn't believe any "refinement" can help a game with the main quest: kill gazillion of respawns. Others were sad as we lost (another) RPG developing studio.

Every game should be fun. Noone can say hardcore is or isn't a future of wRPGs. Because of alternative funding, the future won't be the only stuff publishers bless. Also, the future won't be only clones of games Gamespot, IGN and other corrupted sites praise. But will be what audience wants.
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