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November 21st, 2012, 21:22
It says something about the games since we are still discussing them…

ME1 is probably among my top 10 game experiences.
It was not perfect by any means, but it had atmosphere.

and space.

3 completionist runs and some trial runs

ME2 were, in my opinion a far smother experience. To smooth unfortunately.
If the inventory system is below par, do it better, don't remove it altogether!

The three games are very different beasts.
My take:

The first one is about exploring, getting to know the setting and the fabulous lore ( I read all planet descriptions, but Im a space junkie) and learning about the threat/enemy/main villain

The second part, build the crew. Narrow focus. NPC interaction. Learn more about Mordor/SPECTRE/Great Evil tm. Its an interlude, basically.

Third part. Endgame. They are usually rather grim, but I was kind of surprised about how grim Bioware did it, not their usual modus operandi with gay elves and alcoholic dwarves. I prefer beginnings, and I suspect most people do since you have a larger degree of freedom and a story to unfold and explore. That said, ME3 was a good game, even though the consolitis drove me nuts in periods.

On T and dŽA and constant wrangling.
I know its all in good form and hopefully with sincere respect for combatants, personally, I have some trouble with fear of conflicts and tend to play the diplomat. Not something years of martial arts in my youth and early adult life could erase.
Guess I have to harden myself, but is interesting to read different opinions and more important why you have them.

On the trilogy as a whole. Is there any other developer who could have done it?
With story, characters, NPC?

I think Bioware is worth kudos for the guts to try it.
It was not perfect, but honestly. The game that would satisfy all of the crowd here will never get made.


edit, you write so fast that much of what I were saying is obsolete :-) just feeling peckish since Ive been constantly sick for a month
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