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November 22nd, 2012, 18:54
Another couple of random news…

1. It's now days old one, but still I didn't notice it before. Ubisoft is interested into buying THQ assets:
I don't think anyone wants to see the most evil publisher putting claws on it's games. So instead of not caring for THQ's fate, I'm now joining all those who hope THQ won't fall.

2. Curiosity, NASA's rover in the mission on Mars, discovered something spectacular. Details are kept secret and will be released next month:
We're closing to the breakpoint of Mayan calendar that was declared as the doomsday by ignorant murderers who destroyed mayan culture. NASA is obviously waiting for the "doomsday" date to share the findings as mayan calendar marks just the breaktrough in human society. But how could we possible knew that when the history was written by mass murdering psychos like Alexandar, Napoleon and others. What's even worse, history books still sell a fraud that mayans never used a wheel and Gibson made a movie Apocalypto that was praised worldwide instead of ending his career for conning the masses. Seems NASA will rewrite the history and I simply can't wait.
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