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November 22nd, 2012, 19:01
the MOBA genre took over all the university CS department when I was there. We actually had to ban it from a proper network games but then we had only a half turnout as kids would be up all night playing it.

Steven Sinofsky left for two reasons: a) he wanted Balmer's job so he's seeking it elsewhere; b) he was a dictator after saving MS from Vista with an identical product (no one liked him).

Also, Windows 8 is a dud if you're not buying a tablet. Getting out from the company may be an attempt to save his reputation.

What Rover discovered was probably methane - there was a report I heard on this on NPR where the discoverer strongly hints at what he can't say till its confirmed/published.

Most of the methane on earth is thought to be a byproduct of living organisms (like the bacteria found in cattle, termites, etc.). It is organic after all. However, Saturn's moon Titan has plenty of methane so I don't know what the big deal is.

BTW the doomsday is simply the reset of the Mayan "long calendar" which was artificially set based on the first king.

But here, read the Mayan doomsday for yourself:


Its from the Dresden Codex I understand. Maybe Alrick can pop down to the museum take a look at it directly for us.
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