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November 22nd, 2012, 20:54
The truth is that there were hundreds of "codexes" initially, but were destroyed by ignorant, careless and illiterate conquerors. So one shown page (IIRC a cleric saved that codex from being destroyed which would mean the church sometimes can be positive) won't do the just.

But, hell, I completely overlooked possibly the biggest news today. Because of an ommission, pirated versions of windows 8 can be activated:

By initial responses from my country journalists in IT magazines, win8 is faster, but not as user friendly as win7. And a recommendation is not to buy it (at least till SP1 or KB that would allow/disallow Metro UI during the installation gets released). So I dare to say this wasn't an omission, but MS deliberately wanted to make ppl "get hooked" on win8, as I don't believe MS even upon the successful activation can't determine which win8 is legit and which one is pirated - so a later reaction would just make pirated and activated versions not working.
Me? I'm not getting win8 not matter what tricks MS does. Thanks, but my win7 is working like a charm.
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