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November 22nd, 2012, 21:34
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Had a ton of fun with U6P, but the dungeons were killer. They were about 30 times too big for the amount of content inside. I'm not sure if they redid the dungeons or just improved the mapping so that they're not quite as confusing. Anything would be an improvement over the mess they were. I'll have to give them a try again one day. I'm not a huge Ultima fan, except for IV. There's no reason an Ultima mod couldn't be made in the Creation Kit. I was running seven npcs in FNV with very little problem. The one problem was fast traveling with that many folks. Your party would end standing on top of each other on zone it
Well, I hope the new maps help with this, and we did work on the dungeons to make them more worthwhile and also to eliminate some of the crazy spawns that were occurring in some of them.

As far as doing it in the Creation Kit, yes, it would probably be possible to make it there, though we'd have to incorporate something like UFO to get the multiple followers working correctly. But, and this is the bigger issue, we couldn't just import all the models and region maps into the CK, nor any of the scripting and quests and dialog, etc. And, we'd have to recreate the ability to sail on a ship, as I don't think that is currently possible in the Fallout or TES games. We had to create it for U6P as well, as DS doesn't have that built in to it, and it was a major job to get it working right. Whoever did it would essentially be starting over completely, and that is a huge job, probably years worth of effort.

Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Maps of the dungeons will be available, but think of poor me; I was the original tester for most of them. Alfie (the dungeon designer) would send me each new dungeon to try out as soon as he created it!!
Oh, yes, and he did create some doozies … some of those have been toned down since you first tested them, but navigating some of them without a good map is still very difficult. Some people simply love them, and others just tear their hair out in frustration.
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