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November 23rd, 2012, 23:35
I'm actually liking windows 8, but i'm also running it with several of stardocks programs (start 8, fences, Windows fx 5) so I boot directly to the desktop and have my start menu back.

I haven't even used the metro interface in a long time. So I guess it's not much like windows 8 anyway.

As far as vanilla Windows 8 the most annoying things are:

- the constant switching from the metro to the desktop

- the metro browser and desktop browsers are not synced so anything you do in one will not register in the other. (ie. if you add a favorite to one it wont show up in the other.)

-when playing videos or music it keeps wanting to send me to the metro video and music app. (there must be a setting to change the default player but I haven't found it yet but admittedly I haven't looked very hard)

- the xbox integration. when I play a video it has actually asked if I want to watch on my xbox. Like I want to launch it on my pc and then run up and watch it on my xbox which died for the second time with the 3 rings about a year ago.

- Also if you go to games, under windows games it will list games like fruit ninja and pinball, yet under xbox games it has stuff like hitman and halo 4. What a joke.

- the metro interface is a mess it puts everything you install on there even stuff like registration programs, 3d vision photo view from nvidia drivers, basically everything you install will go on there and you will spend a lot of time deleting the stuff or trying to sift through it to get to the programs you want to run.

-and metro is just plain ugly even after you delete everything you don't want. With little to no ability to customize it.

On the plus side,

-It is pretty quick to navigate if you take the time to learn the keyboard shortcuts.

-It's nice to have the apps but I find I don't use them anyway. If I want to use an app I pull out my Ipad.

- It's had no trouble running any games I've thrown at it. Had a couple issues setting up my raid, sli and triple monitors but it was pretty minor.

-Some say it boots much faster. I haven't noticed but I've been using an ssd for some time now.

-It was only $40 when I picked it up.

-It's been technically sound.

If your happy with windows 7 there is no need to go to windows 8, but if you are going to you might as well pick it up now before the price hikes.
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