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November 25th, 2012, 00:39
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post

Pretty much everything I need to know short of direct spoilers. I have a rough feel for the likely size of the areas, the world map, the way you transition to maps, a rough idea of a typical combat encounter, the sort of quests I will encounter, the quality of the quests and the writing, how much emphasis is placed on multiple solutions and paths, what dialogue will feel like, how characters are developed, the balance of combat, exploration and dialogue and more.

Now, I've backed plenty of speculative Kickstarters - might even back this one. But I don't really care about combat too much and other than the promise of an open world (how open? how big? what can I do there?), I don't understand the minute-to-minute gameplay on anything like the same level of PE.
That's how I feel too. Bare Mettle simply hasn't showed enough of the things I'm interested in in a game to make me want to support them. In fact, rather the opposite considering the way they replied when people started asking about it. It may not have been their intention, but it came across defensive and like they didn't have much in that department: "It will be very great, wtf are you questioning us for?! We told you we had it all under control!" And then all of a sudden they have a writer on board (so who was doing the writing before? can I assume they had little dialogue/story content up until then?), whose writings I didn't like much either.

With Obsidian the case is different, because indeed you have a good feeling of what to expect. That's hardly Bare Mettle or Obsidian's fault, just the way it is.
So in short, if they want my money, I need to to at least have some idea that they can deliver the things I like in games.
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