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November 25th, 2012, 04:35
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Actually, the more I read about So Generic's game, the less I'm interested in it. The programmer bores me more and more as he gives details. I LIKE quests. To me, they are what gives direction in any crpg. No quests? Then you have some type of simulator, and I'm not interested. Can you retract a pledge?
Careful, they never said there would be no quests, only that they would be attempting to make them highly dynamic:
We are not doing a typical quest with reward system but being hired to perform tasks will certainly be there. I will give an example of what might transpire in the game.

You are offered a valuable object to complete some task. This could be a lie, it could be a way to lure you into a trap and rob you, for example. If the reward does exist, you might decide to find out where the person offering it lives and look for it in their house rather than completing the task. You may get caught doing this, or you may even be hired by the same person to retrieve the stolen item. And so on and so forth.
You can certainly retract your pledge:
"Can I cancel a pledge?
By pledging, you are committing to supporting that person’s project; canceling that commitment is discouraged. If you must cancel, visit the project page and click “Manage Your Pledge.” At the bottom of the next page you’ll see the “Cancel Pledge” button."

…I'll reply to Dhruin later
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