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November 25th, 2012, 11:54
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
…I knew that fanboi hat would get me in trouble…
I once got D'Artagnan into a hissy fit for calling something he said "disingenuous", so you gotta be careful with that word!

Your reply just confirms my point though - what sold you on PE were factors entirely outside of the actual pitch. And I am not saying that is wrong. (As a side my problem with it is not that I don't expect them to make at least a decent Infinity-Engine style game. My beef with them is that they decided to make a campaign straight out of the marketing department instead of using this opportunity to suggest and discuss something out of the ordinary, one of the dream games Avellone likes to talk about in his interviews).

As Asdraguuhl pointed out correctly an unknown team doesn't have that luxury. That's just a fact. My point is just that we need to be aware of the fact that we actually put the bar (regarding the pitch) much higher for these indies than we do for "big name"projects like Wasteland or PE - while at the same time, these same indies will usually have less resources to create and maintain that perfect pitch. I think that awareness may help us in judging the lower profile projects (not just Sui Generis, also stuff like Antharion, Aaimie, etc.) more fairly. It basically means that backers should be a little more involved, digging or asking for information before judging.

All in all there is quite a bit of info on SG if you look carefully through the (rewritten) KS main page, comments, Forums. Not denying there are still gaps either, and I understand where people are coming from that don't want to pledge for it. I have had my doubts as well.
Doing a less ambitous KS that allows them to further develop the systems for their dream game (year and a half to release for something like Sui Generis is overambitous anyway) is also what I hope they do if they don't make their target. A nice dungeoncrawler with this engine including lots of physics puzzles wouldn't be too bad, e.g..
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