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November 25th, 2012, 12:27
I also wonder what I could pick, I have many already, for my tastes from preferred to less preferred, I have already:
  • Torchlight: Torchlight 2 is overall quite better but TL1 has a different gameplay approach making it worth to be played anyway. The key points are the fight speed is slower, the classes skills aren't abstract, the archer class (Vanquisher) isn't the best class of TL1 but it's still better than Archer class of TL2, the infinite dungeon is an interesting feature and TL2 Mapwork is different stuff.
  • Anomaly Warzone Earth: Great game, but I never finished the PC/Mac version. It's a light strategy game with moderate action level. It's inverted Tower Defense but to get an idea just try the demo, I know nothing that compare to that game, and the demo is largely available (search on the net) and will give you a good idea of the gameplay. But for players that don't like much a quite high difficulty level and own an ipad I advise the ipad version.
  • Machinarium: Good puzzle game, beautiful graphic art, but I never finished it, not sure why, perhaps a puzzle that blocked me. Must have but only for puzzles lovers or graphic whore fans.
  • The Ball: FPS Puzzle game, there's a good mood, the puzzles are good as is the exploration of the levels. But it's only for puzzles lovers and even then it's more for the original approach.
  • Trine, Geneforge 1-5 : Tried them a bit, didn't seem bad, but I gave up after a quick try and didn't played them much yet.

I wonder if I should pick Alan Wake's American Nightmare, To The Moon, Botanicula, SpaceChem, ???. There's in this list too many point and click more or less classical adventure game I could try for the price but I don't like at all this genre but in very rare occasions.
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