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November 25th, 2012, 12:43
Note that his quote continues:
How do I know? Because I've played every single released game from both the company involved but also every single released game from the major development leads. Also, every single game from the main inspiration.
I agree however that we got pretty solid info on the game mechanics of PE over the course of the KS drive. However I'd like to point out that PE was already funded before most of the updates with that info came out.
With regards to info on Game mechanics there is a lot on SG - with a different emphasis, and ultimately we have no reinforcement of their statements from "prior knowledge". I maintain that that makes a big difference. What I mean is: If Avellone says e.g.: "we will focus on well developed characters and deep choices and conseqeunces" you not only believe him, you als know exactly what he means by that, because you know his games, his interviews, etc. If Bare Mettle says e.g. that they want a living breathing world and events that proceed even without player input, it means… almost nothing. However to explain it all, yet briefly, is probably not so simple.
Regarding info on the world, lore, the story/central conflict, the atmosphere - both games pitches are very poor, imho.
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