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November 25th, 2012, 13:58
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post

The problem I think is they were asking for to much money since they aren't well known and there game isn't more fleshed out yet. If they would have had more of a game and not just some combat and physic's ( as nice as they were) they might have hit there goal.

Right now they are pitching a vision and not a game and they don't have the street cred for that. It's too bad as I really like what I do see.
They do not ask for much money. They asked a little from expectedly a large number of people. It would have taken 15,000 backers giving roughly $15 each to meet the goal.

On presenting their game: could be hard as the game is supposed to innovate compared to what is usually done. The game aims at taking up the progression in certain aspects of gaming where the progression was dropped off.

What quantity of game would have it been necessary to show? Consider the mechanics that are to be involved, very hard.

The sum itself is not much when one remembers that this game is about originality and treading back on developpment spaces most companies, small or big, relinquished treading on.

If unsuccessful, it will once again confirm that gamers want the same old. Contrary to the urban myth that gamers support evolution, that corporations are the bit that prevents innovation in gaming, gamers are extremelly conservative.

They can rush to fund to millions projects that will give the same old, redressed and revamped here and there and state that giving the same sum or less to an experimental project is too much, and that the project fail because the studio ask for too much by asking for a quarter of what a very conservative project asks for starters.

The sum asked by the studio is not much but they were naive enough to think that gamers want what they say. The studio members deceived themselves into thinking that this project could sell only on its propositions because it could fit what gamers say they want. And that kickstarter was a platform for innovative projects to be funded.
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