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November 25th, 2012, 13:31
I haven't played Hero-U but never enjoyed much Quest for Glory series.

Adventure games and RPG had to face a quite similar problem, how merge a good story with elements that constantly break it.

If the story is really good it drags you in and you are in urge to know more about it, that is broken by illogical puzzles in classical adventure games and series of fights or inventory management in classical RPG.

RPG moved to action and reversed the problem, how merge a good action with other elements that break it. To simplify the equation puzzles has been removed, direction cursor to the next action area started appear and notion of exploration evolved to tourism following a guide, linearity has been increased to facilitate the story telling, vocal acting help throw more texts without force players read long texts and to allow build more easily deeper story.

Modern adventure games seem have tried, to makes puzzles more logical and less tricky puzzles, but that was clearly not enough to let tell a story with fluidity, so more simple mechanism like hidden object stuff or very simple puzzles, puzzles with optional hints almost giving instant solution, and even guided puzzles with text hints constantly on screen.

What the article suggest is to multiply the obstacles to the story telling, it's the quadrature of the circle. But the real point, for some players, is to come back to the original problem, how make a game and add story in it, not the reverse… and sell such game.

EDIT: Ha ok was a fund raising, well the article is about game design.
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