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November 26th, 2012, 15:45
Just finished LOTR: War in the North, which was an amusing little action RPG. I played as the Dwarf and had lots of fun chopping up Orcs.

After much delay, finally moved onto Fallout New Vegas. Using Skavenhorde's list of recommendations as a menu, plus a few additions, my modlist is:

Main game+all DLCs (Ultimate edition)
Mission Mojave (which is the main NV unofficial fixpack)
Darnified UI (I liked the FO3 version)
CASM (save game manager)
Delay start of DLCs
Increased wasteland spawns (more critters to go with the lower XP progression, see below)
A World of Pain (lots of new locations, enemies and loot - again should be balanced by lower XP gains)
New Vegas Bounties 1 and 2 (bounty hunting quest fun)
Increased durability mod (weapons etc don't need repairing so often)
No auto-aim mod
2 times slower levelling mod (not as severe as the mod I used for FO3 due to slower vanilla levelling+higher cap)
Lots of tweaks from Puce Moose's tweak and balance center, such as reduced ammo+chems, deadlier combat, tougher economy, rude awakening etc. Somewhat worried about how hard AWOP and NV Bounties will be with these tweaks, but what the hell - better too hard than too easy methinks.

Going with vanilla graphics as I did with FO3 - I may get sick of the orange as I did with the green, but at least for the first playthrough I'd like to see the game as the designers intended.
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