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November 26th, 2012, 17:36
I think the overall leveling speed of Skyrim and even past Elder Scrolls game is too fast. The overall progression in those games is just too fast.

Like Skyrim for example. I remember when the blacksmith was selling a Dwarven helmet, and I thought, "cool! Dwarven stuff. Can't wait to get the whole set". Before I even know it, it was on to Orcish stuff, and I completely jumped over most Dwarven gear (since I didn't need it now that Orcish was showing up). So I buy an Orcish cuirass or whatever and bam, a few dungeon dives later I'm wearing Ebony, and so on and so forth.

I just never felt like I got to "savor" those low levels. Even crude iron doesn't last but one dungeon or 2 before you find steel. I would like to have seen that entire progression stretched out a bit.

And I play on consoles, so no mods for me. I am considering buying a gaming laptop to play Elder Scrolls games with mods though. Seems that's the only way to really slow down the leveling.
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