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November 26th, 2012, 18:19
Originally Posted by empireforge View Post
You are on a very fast development cycle! How do you find the time? For me, it takes weeks just to add a couple of interface screens…
Well, I have been doing games for 25 years, of which 15 first years I wasted without completing even one game If you waste 15 years working very hard without any effects you have two options, quit or learn how to make games much, much faster Fortunatelly, I went the latter route and got totally and absolutelly obsesed on the speed aspect of making games. Also, along the way I probably made all possible mistakes (so I'm kind of a master of knowing how to NOT make games ). In short, I'm so totally pathetic as a dev that if I simply do not make games the same way I usually do it is all right ,most of the time
As for finding the time, it's my full time job and this RPG project is the only one I'm developing at the moment. Besides, more time almost always hurts the project, being under pressure makes you make the game finished faster and better quality (because you won't have the time to implement any of the boring parts ). Quite contrary to logic but it works this way, at least for me.
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