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November 26th, 2012, 18:11
The bottom line is, what the Wii U lacks in CPU power it makes up for in GPU power.

The reason the new Metro game won't be ported to the Wii U is because it would be too difficult for them to take a CPU-intensive game and make it compatible with the Wii U.

Here's a comment I found online that sums it up pretty well:

the cpu may be slow…but its gpu is there to share its processes with. More and more modern games are relying less on cpu and more on the combination of cpu and gpu.

metro would have been a port of a game already in development for two consoles that process pretty much everything in the cpu.

with the game being cpu intensive..ofcourse it wouldn't run well on the wiiu unless they bothered to reconfigure the game to dispersing calculations accross the cpu and gpu…..something likely to not happen given the amount of work it would take. THQ is going into bankruptcy…so the risk of allocating the necessary resources to do a proper port werent worth it…its not an issue of it not being possible or the wiiu not being strong enough to run it.

digital foundry

"I expect that GPU focused games will benefit from smoother frame-rates and lower levels of screen-tear, but cross-platform titles highly dependent on CPU power could end up noticeably worse off."

the wiiu also has slower ram…..what's the point in having faster ram, if the amount of ram is limiting. Nintendo went with slower but more…given that most ports on the wiiu show off better textures and greater draw distances than the other systems….nintendo's choice weighs more favorably.
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