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November 26th, 2012, 21:07
I'm not too worried about the CPU. As I said in the other thread, games on the Wii U will have to take advantage of the other powerful aspects of the console. And quite a few developers have already raved about how powerful of a console the Wii U is, so I'm not worried.

I am interested to see some RPGs get announced for the system though. Out of the bunch of games that launched with the system as well as the upcoming games, there is a shortage of RPG titles. I know Monolith Soft is making an RPG for the Wii U, and Mistwalker will probably make something, and another company supposedly is hiring people for a "big budget, medieval fantasy RPG" on the Wii U. But all those could be years away. I just hope something gets announced for 2013 and gives me a real reason to buy the system.
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