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November 26th, 2012, 21:14
I'm a big fan of cleave, but I've found it to be far more useful at lower levels. If you're going to take it, I'd take it early. Since you like to go in and collect aggro, cleave is an excellent way to accomplish it. Jump into the middle of the mob, drop a cleave, and suddenly all the critters are focused on you. Worked fairly well for Phuury (barb life), Shadohe (fighter life), and Klubbir. You have to keep a stack of cookies handy for the party healer because you'll take a hell of a beating regularly, but it's a solid strategy if everyone lets everyone do their job.

Not sure why you'd spend feats and enhancements on bastard swords when you get some it for free with dwarven axes. Damage is fairly similar, IIRC. I never had a problem getting good axes on RhoGu, between loot and the auction house, so availability isn't a concern. If you "just wanna, just cuz", that's certainly fine and something I'm familiar with , but building for 2 exotics certainly isn't optimized.
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