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November 26th, 2012, 21:33
Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
Mr. Guedo must have taken lessons from the Shaker project. One of the mistakes he made was starting the campaign without specific knowledge. According to what I have seen in Kickstarter yet, updates afterwards can’t save the projects. I think many people wants clarified information about certain aspects of the game (gameplay, setting, etc) at the very beginning. “We haven’t decided yet” isn’t a phrase that seems popular among potential pledgers.
Perhaps if the folks from these ambitious KS fantasy RPG projects banded together, they could formulate a project with a better chance of success? Perhaps we need a "How to run a successful Kickstarter RPG campaign" cheat sheet?

Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
This is the first time I'm mad the boards I'm on aren't heavily frequented. It would probably be obnoxious if my first post anywhere was "ohai, u kno THORVALLA?!!1" I know I hate that.

But someone must spread the word
Have you tried posting to the Bioware and Obsidian forums? They seem to get a decent amount of traffic. Perhaps try Reddit as well?
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