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November 27th, 2012, 01:23
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Chances are that had he been born female, his outlook on some things would be different. We each only have one perspective, and honestly accepting it - especially on something as trivial as a video game - is important. It is also why some of the awesome ladies here are not fans of the Gothic games due to inflexible male-only character.
So it's what I wrote, he was lucky to born male because there's many RPG with male only main character, Lands of Lore 1, The Witcher series, Gothic series, and many other.

Is it really that natural to accept only the same gender?

It seems to me like reading only books with male hero or female hero, viewing only movies or TV series with a male main hero or a female main hero, it makes no sense for me.

Is really games that different? Is really the identification process stronger in a game than in a book? Not for me.

For me any games, I'm not the main character, I'm not Geralt and I'm not Baldur's Gate hero and I'm not Venetica female hero.

EDIT: It's probably more about empathy than identification, and gender isn't a big deal when it's about the empathy mechanism.

EDIT2: If it's about kids or teenagers it's different because they are in a process of building their personality, and it's clear that games can be used more with the identification approach, but I think that this is supposed to disappear at adult age.
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