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November 27th, 2012, 02:01
… another day in Chicago, and this is what pibbur saw.

You know, at a radiology conference with tens of thousands participants, there are bound to be a vendor or two showing off things they'd like to sell. Quite a few of those being MRI scanners. Now, your average MRI scanner consists of a fairly narrow tunnel in which to put the patient, an electromagnet cooled by liquid helium to make the circuits super-conductive, and a lot of noise from the radio-waves we insist on sending to the patient (otherwise there wouldn't be any images). But the technique has evolved. Now we've got open MRIs in stead of tunnel. We've got MRI's with permanent magnets needing no helium. And they can be plugged into your regular 110/220V power outlets. Image quality won'tbe as good, but then, I you've got $1.000.000 to spare you could get your own scanner, and if you paid a guy for 1 week of configuration you might even get it running.

One of the machines I saw could even tilt the patient, so you could take images in a standing position (which actually could be quite useful). They even tried to put a person upside down in it to see if that added something to the diagnostic possibilities. It did, but the person we spoke to said you shouldn't do that with a real patient. My question is: Why not?

nother thing that caught my interst was this: Whenever a technician is in the same room as you when they xray you, he/she is covered by a coat with lead. One thing to say about these: they're ugly. No more. Now you get them form fitting and in bright colors, so you might be tempted to wear one during your evening walk. No bikinis, however so at the moment they won't be hyour favourite beach outfit.

In 1295, the first elected representatives from Lancashire are called to attend what later became known as "The Model Parliament". Now, what is it about Lancashire that requires special mentioning?

1839: the American Statistical Association is founded. 80 years later the WP (whatever that is) of the red sox were 48.2%.

1934: Bank robber Baby Face Nelson dies in a shoot-out with the FBI. Wasn't there a weird-american-sports athlete called something like that?

1971: The Soviet space program's Mars 2 orbiter releases a decent module. Which crashed. Come to think of it - it might have been a descent module. Which crashed.

2001: There's hydrogen on Osiris.

pibbur who hasn't seen a patient for more than 12 years, and who has noticed a distinct and permanent smell of vanilla in his hotel and also outside his hotel. And who therefore wonders if Chicago is some kinde of vanilla city? Like Baltimore is all about crab cakes?
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