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November 27th, 2012, 20:26
Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
I just dropped in here to check in on this…guys you cannot be serious, this a by the numbers money grab. Have you seen what Trent and his team have done? Tweaks, UI recoloring and widescreen resolution; all of this has already been done with mods. And the smug "yeah we can outbioware them" is so conceited. You can get this game at Gog and spend a few minutes a couple of modsthat do exactly what Trent and his team of foward thinkers moneygrabbers are doing.
I was going to buy the EE but now I see clearly what it really is…dont suport this, torrent it if you must but really read all of Trent´s interviews where he talks like if he where the second coming of Fargo, not a hack who gets his jollies over tweaking a 12 year old game and smugy thinks he can do it better

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Seriously, get some new arguments. It's already been established why BG:EE is worth it:

1) Not having to deal with mods to get it to run on modern hardware
2) Not having to deal with mods to get the benefits of the BG2 engine upgrades
3) New content
4) Improvements to the code base to run better on modern OS
5) Multiplayer that works (ever try to get multiplayer to work in the last few years?)

They put a lot of work into bringing a refined and expanded version of BG to the masses, not just people that are comfortable with using mods (many fo which are subpar anyway).

I'm proud to support them. If you don't want to, fine, but spew your hate somewhere else.

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