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November 27th, 2012, 21:00
Well I haven't read much about the subject, perhaps between empathy and identification it's just a matter of degree of the same element.

I always play female characters when I can because I prefer watch a nice ass if view from behind or nice figure during dialogs or other. But I can get used quite fast to play a male character like Geralt or other. It's strange to be able to identify to a robot or an alien and not to a women. But there's perhaps good reasons for that and it's perhaps very common, perhaps women are too concrete aliens?

I quote you both skipped the comparison with novels, movies or tv series. So no identification out of games? I wonder if really, in general, and for adult, video games involve more identification than novels for example.

The trouble you quoted about evil context making quit, I also suffered of it despite I have a very low identification level. I never finished Deus Ex exactly because of that. I don't think it's a problem linked with identification. I'd say I am the proof it's not linked to an identification mechanism as I suffer of the problem and don't feel I identify to the hero played. Well it's not a demonstration but a clue.
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