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November 27th, 2012, 22:43
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
I actually haven't played Kingdoms of Amalur yet, but the demo didn't really grab me. I'll probably give it a go in 2013 though, as my backlog is dry as the desert at the moment…
I have bought the game but also played the demo, remind me Borderlands 1, artificial overall feeling, uninteresting story and story elements, robotic life, repetitive lacking of depth fights and many more stuff. After that I never felt motivated to install the full game.

For me it's not logic to quote this game and not games like Legend of Grimrock or even Borderlands 2, no way KoL is deeper and more RPG than BL2.

For Torchlight or Torchlight 2, well I don't care beat for the game and yes I played with pleasure D2 and its extension but not during years and yes I'm not an extreme fan. You prefer Diablo 3 to Torchlight 2? Fine myself I even prefer TL1 to D3 but I don't consider D3 a so bad game.
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