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November 27th, 2012, 23:36
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
I've had TL1 installed for 3 years, and still haven't even fired it up. I played Fate to death so I suppose I fried that pleasure center.
Fate is a good game, more a full game than TL1 is but TL1 has two lead, ok in my opinion, the fight depth and drops fun are just a lot better in TL1. But Fate have its own plus like levels more Roguelike that are more generic but with more tension. TL1 infinite dungeon is interesting to investigate further a build but it failed to reproduce Fate.

TL1 has flaws, Normal difficulty is too easy and only Hard should be played, but even then first parts are too easy at Hard and the difficulty curve is too step. The gem system is awfully boring. The management of drops and disturbance of labels during fights isn't well done.

TL2 changed the pace of the game, I don't like that much overall it's moving the fighting from dodging (TL1) to mobility and anticipation dodging (TL2). On that point TL1 was on the track of D2 but TL2 choose to take an alternate path. Also TL1 builds are quite flexible, this is coming from the powerful spell system and how classes are designed. TL2 choose a more directive design.

But that's the only point I see everything else is a huge improvement with TL2 including fights with a lot of depth. I'm tempted of a comparison between TL2 and D3, quite out of topic but fitting some previous posts. Just the main points, for me:
- D3 destroyed the notion of builds and for me destroyed the main interest of such games.
- Drops are very fun in TL2, in D3 it's totally tedious and a failed point. There's many causes and reasons but I can't detail here.
- The limited number of skills to select at same time is a lot too limited in D3. It's not a surprise that the result is a fighting quite more repetitive and with quite less depth. It's great to have so many choice but pathetic to be able to select so few.
- The level map design is hugely better in TL2. Outdoor are a typical example, in D3 it's stupid wide arena with some obstacles, TL2 outdoor just shine in comparison. The map random is stupid and poor in D3 and in TL2 it shines in comparison and in fact if much better than D2 outdoor (but D2 outmatch TL2 for dungeons).
- The fight depth is hugely better in TL2. I played both games about the same time and same number of characters. I'm still discovering many subtleties in TL2 fights after 4 characters played and it's over since long in D3 despite the amazing number of skills available. Sure it's just my experience, detail this would be too long.

EDIT: Two hints about TL2:
- Don't play your first character as an outlander (the archer class), many players choose such class first, that will be a wrong choice in TL2. The three other classes are much better to discover the game.
- The Engineer is another hidden trap. It's a good class to discover the game but it has a very special skill, Force Shield, which is quite fun but will hide you the real depth of fights. In way it won't make you learn the game well and later when the shield will be less powerful the game will seem you impossible to master. Then it's time to switch to Berzerker or Embermage to really learn the fight depth.
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