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November 28th, 2012, 01:25
I don't think my fighter build should be a wandering soul stone. From playing with you all I've seen that the major weakness of a fighter is the poor saves. The has been the main reason I didn't want to play one before.

Another weakness is poor self healing ability.

I figured out that I can remedy both by going half-elf for heal and buff scrolls and 2 levels of paladin for much better saves plus 1 lay on hands. By taking the paladin levels early it means the charisma modifier can help considerably with the saves. If it turns out to not work well I can always LR into a pure fighter.

Another reason for taking paladin levels is that at epic levels I can swap to my unyielding sentinel for 3 extra lay on hands and lots of bonus abilities. I chose the abilites so I need some paladin abilities like smite evil and lay on hands to activate these. I think about twisting them in when on legendary dreadnought.

What I'm losing is the fighter capstone (a rather good one), but I think I gain more by doing so. I still get tier 3 of the prestige enhancement (stalwart defender).

At least it will be fun to try this build and then see how it goes. I focus on mauls and greatswords since I have so many good such weapons in my inventory. The same regarding other items boosting charisma, strength and constitution.

I think this toon will have higher dps than a paladin and only slightly lower than a pure fighter while having much better saves than a fighter and some self healing capability, at least between battles.

I don't think casting heal scrolls in battle is easy due to having very low concentration. So fight and then retreat for healing seems to be the way to do it.

Which scrolls do you think this fighter can benefit from getting from the vendors besides the healing and raise scrolls?
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