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November 28th, 2012, 00:36
… another day in Chicago, and a day when pibbur have learned two things.

First of all, after having talked to many vendors, he realizes that a VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive for storing images) is not necessarily a VNA, but what we call a VNA.

Secondly: his years as a volleyball player was years well spent. For some reason, which he won't elaborate on (no, it had nothing to do with achohol) pibbjur stumbled while walking. Before hitting ground level, he lowered his chest, extended his neck and flexed his knees, and gently let his arms absorve the chinetic energy. Therefor no harm done, whith one exception: his left Achilles tendon which was already a bit inflamed did not adapt particularly well to said event, and is significantly more angry now. Shame on it. Fortunately it didn't rupture, which is always a good thing. OTOH, being surrounded with radiology equipment, especially ultrasound devices, a precise diagnosis could easily be obtained (pibbur knows how a ruptured tendon looks on ultrasound)

For some reason Wikipedia insists that it's still yesterday. But I'll give you this one, which actually doesn't have anything to do with today (if you pardon my french)


pibbur who tends to cough if he tries what this lady does

PS. Some information about VNA's: The main thing is that a (proper) VNA will let us store images and access them in whatever way we like, independent of who provides the storage. If we for instance wanted to change our PACS system, a VNA would allow us to do so without having to copy/move the images to another storage (very time consuming when you've stored around 10 million examinations). In addition it allows us to store whatever type of images we want, not only xrays. It's a very useful thing. But it's a fairly new concept in healthcare, which means we have a lot of work to do in order to find the optimal solution for the hospitals in our region. DS.
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