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November 28th, 2012, 09:59
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
Aren't there any smaller publishers, that don't have 100 million to invest and can't compete with these big guys who make all the blockbusters, that would still be willing to fund a smaller project if it will get them a small but reasonable profit?

Because I never expected crowdfunding to put EA out of business but I hoped it would encourage some of the smaller publishers to look into such games instead of trying to imitate what they can't possibly pull off.
There were those publishers here in Germany and AFAIK in Eastern Europe and Russia. Those companies have been pushed out of business at least here in Germany (Frogster, CDV, JoWood), because the gaming press (offline and online) raged all over their products and nitpicked all the mistakes and bugs that they were more than willing to overlook in AAA games.

Small marketing budgets and bad press mostly killed the sales for these games and in the end killed the publishers, too.
Steam is out of question. It's not convenient, it's not easy to use, it's not simple and fast. It's terrible.
"Where STEAM fails, the PHOENIX rises"
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