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November 28th, 2012, 13:22
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
It is interesting - you have eloquently described your reasons, and I totally get what you are saying. And ultimately we only have our own reasoning - and our wallets.

But the thing I am thinking about is the 'unintended consequences'. Right now there is a big debate about '#1Reason' talking about the dearth of women in gaming development - and a big part is the total misogyny and sexist 'dude-bro' attitudes of the gaming community at large.

In other words, while the reasons are different, the behavior is exactly as yours - they won't play as a female. Or see them as inferior. The as why an objectively superior FPS like No One Lives Forever with great critical acclaim had crappy sales. Everyone cites Tomb Raider , but that is the exception.
Oh, I don't think it's quite as clear cut as that. There's no such thing as objectively superior - no matter how much you try to claim it.

I found NOLF to be a decent shooter with a bit more to it than the average shooter, but I despised the setting - and the female protagonist was not the primary issue for me. I hate that 60s spy stuff. I wouldn't call it superior to much, frankly - but I recognise that a lot of people loved it. Then again, I find that a big segment tends to love things that are different because they're different, not because they're inherently better. Also, NOLF was very much a male version of a female protagonist - and it was VERY much about killing people by the dozens. Women tend to favor other activities.

But it's a male dominated industry - and I've tried hard to get women to open up to it and they're just not interested for the most part. There are MANY mainstream AAA games out there with female protagonists - like Mass Effect, Skyrim, WoW, and so on. That doesn't seem to have mattered all that much - women still don't really enjoy gaming as it is now. Well, not true - for MMOs, there are A LOT of them playing - after the success of WoW.

So, I don't buy the primarily male protagonist thing being the reason more women don't play.

The reason is simple enough - and, as you mention, I think it has much more to do with women not designing and developing mainstream games. The lead developer positions are almost always exclusively male - and that ties into the culture of IT - I think, which is a very male oriented business.

So, if women want more games designed for them - they should start being genuinely interested in the development side of the industry. I don't accept that the developers themselves are particularly sexist or "dude-bro" people. In fact, I think it's the opposite in many cases, where "nerds" (developers tend to be nerds) really appreciate women in their field. I don't buy that it's not open to women. It's a simple matter of women not being drawn to gaming and its potential - because they see it as predominantly violence oriented. They're not wrong, of course, but I'd like to claim that they're completely ignorant of the depth and weight some games have, as well.

Don't blame males for doing male stuff - because that's excessively ignorant.
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