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November 28th, 2012, 14:27
Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
Uh kiddies you should see me trolling over at Codex…
I dont care what you guys do with your money (I am guessing more your mommies dought; hope you gave some for Wasteland 2 and PE) but giving money to that guy for saving you the hassle of installing 20 minutes of mods to get the same result (minus retarded Ui recoloring and "optimizations")…please if you are so dense why are you into PC gaming at all…unless you wanted it for your tablet
I was going to buy EE and half the Codex was laughing at me; it looked like a pretty good idea on paper and much of what you guys say it is true but inderstand this; you are supporting a guy who talks like he is redoing the Mona Lisa, with all thse grandstanding and "we making it better babay" poses.
The defintiion of upgarding something is making it better, not making it different; a battery that lasts 20 minutues more tha the other bateries is an upgarde; relocloring the UI is not.
I dont think the tablet gaming will work with this game, the AI of the battle system is simply not good enough and need a lot of input, but lets wait and see.
The game is a damn great game as it is and all his optmizations make it seem like he was working on a shitty game is is heroicly trying to bring back to life; he is ridding the success of a 12 year old game and has the balls to make it sound like he is saving it from itself….
Oh and the torrent coment always gets nice reactions; you must be one of them proud americans wo think they are righteous and goody, while your country rapes third world countries, produces 1/3 of all the polution in the world and you try to talk ethics? Please
Most of the Codex think this place is for fawning fanbois while over there is for haters…and actualy from what I have seen so far I prefer hate over fawning over Trent any day of the week
Oh and brofist to DŽArtagnan
You seem too stupid to argue with, but if you can't see things like the improved journal and engine optimization as upgrades, well its your loss.

And really? Country smack? What shithole do you call home?

"Ya'll can go to HELL! I'm-a-goin' to TEXAS!"

- Davy Crockett
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