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November 28th, 2012, 15:16
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Regarding NOLF, all I am saying is that it is one of the better games in the genre, something that is almost universally agreed.
Yeah, but it doesn't prove anything - not even remotely. How many great games have failed over the years? Doesn't have anything to do with gender - unless we can prove that's the reason. Again, Tomb Raider continues to be a massive success - and it's not unlike a shooter - so how come if we're all so sexist?

As for development … you are simply dead wrong. There is a HUGE sexist streak in gamers and coders, where so many have been taught from an early age that boys are better than girls at STEM fields (which IS 'objectively' wrong). Society pushes boys and girls in different directions, and reinforces that by sexist treatment of women who choose technology fields. It is better than in my university days a couple of decades or so ago, but it is still very much true. Check out the #1ReasonWhy hashtag on twitter to see what is going on.
Based on what evidence, beyond your perception this is the case?

I'm not talking about gamers - I'm talking about developers. How do you know that the majority are sexist? Because that doesn't reflect my perception at all.

I don't want to get into an argument about what's objective and what's not - but I ask you to stop using it, because you have no idea what it means.

I think there's a perception of sexism that's based on exaggeration. That's not to say gamers can't be sexist - especially young gamers. But people are sexist in all areas and all industries. The reason gamers are perceived to be MORE sexist - is because they're mostly males. When you have 90% males in a room and 10% females - do you think sexism is more or less noticable? It doesn't take a lot of sexist remarks to make someone feel uncomfortable.

Human beings don't change their level of sexism because they play games - and we're all subject to these flaws.

Gaming isn't male oriented because of sexism - just because you say so. You have to prove it, and I'm saying I think it's bullshit.

Do you think males are in the minority when it comes to horse riding because of female sexism?




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