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November 28th, 2012, 19:04
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@ChienAboyeur That is not what this says.
Yet that is just what you repeat in the following:
However small an amount of money it may be for each gamer, few people want to simply throw away their money just because someone asks them to. Most people don't support KS for devs to "just try an experiment to see if they can make something cool" with their projects. Most want to feel like they are backing a well thought-out project that has very good chances of delivering what it promises, but simply lacks the funding to do so.

This is why reputation, a solid design, reasonable scope for the monetary amount and showing a strong prototype are the 4 best ways to succeed, each inspires confidence in backers, whether you're talking investors or KS patrons. It's the same process, and the same concerns.

Sui Generis would, I feel, have had little trouble if it had simply outlined a combat arena game or dungeon crawler. There is little question about whether they can turn what they've shown into one of those. But there are HUGE question marks above what they are promising.
The main way to achieve what it is written is to elude innovation. Go where you have already been, do what you already have done. Give players the same old as you already did in the past.

I'm fine with people personally gambling on hope. But acting like other people are silly for expressing very real reservations is…silly.
Hope? No. Mere curiosity. This team demonstrated enough to let think there is going to be an output in fifteen months if founded. What output? That is the question. No hope involved here.

Second, people have seldom expressed reservations. But a lot of them have turned to try and transform what the project is about, asking for the game to make essential points that are non essential.

If you are reserved, dont think it can be achieved or do not want to know and therefore, do not back the project, that is one thing.

If you want to turn this project's originality to dust, that is something else.
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