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November 28th, 2012, 23:16
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Actually, Torchlight is surprisingly fun as long as you're not looking for a serious or deep RPG experience. I played through it recently and enjoyed it enough to be looking forward to playing TL2 in the future.

My only major gripe was the final boss battle. It's f*cking ridiculous!
Not ridiculous, a total crap, I always switched to lowest difficulty to get rid of this fight, you can even get achievements if you switch back to higher difficulty after to have beat this boss and before to continue.

But it's the only major fight so awful, possibly elite Dark zealot are another nuisance but in fact they require you adapt your approach of the game. The trouble is entrances that sometimes make you fight directly a crap you can hardly survive.

TL1 is RPG but it's centered about fights, classes builds and equipment builds. Story is just to build a light and gently pleasant glue, exploration is more how manage the fights when progressing in the level, there's only few stuff to discover, generally few obvious secrets not really secret and few passages somehow hidden.

TL2 solved all the problems, no more boring boss (learn how manage them and it's ok, nothing like TL1 final boss), no more impossible or boring encounters right after an entrance, and a much better difficulty curve but I advise not play it at Normal which is too easy involving a tedious gameplay, Veteran is fine, Elite is too much and is removing many possibilities when Veteran difficulty increase anyway and you'll have to learn the game to face the increased challenge.

Also TL2 speed up the pace (not a good point in my opinion) and it is a bit more/too technical oriented. That's why I advise not start with the Archer class which is too abstract hardcore.

The story is still light stuff to build a gentle glue, there's more density but it's still that. But the exploration is hugely improved, real secrets working much better than in TL1, hidden stuff, multiple stuff to discover, like special pools, phase beast challenge, few good special secrets, few secondary quests, special craft shops, golden chests and their keys, special events, some good ambushes (well TL1 had few good one too), some puzzles and special mechanisms, and even more. The fights are also deeper despite the pace increased and the evolution from dodge oriented in TL1 to mobility and anticipation dodging oriented in TL2. The drops was already impressively fun in TL1 (D2 is boring crap on this point in comparison) and surprisingly TL2 succeed improved drops fun even more.
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