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November 28th, 2012, 23:43
Originally Posted by Ihaterpg View Post
TL1 is RPG but it's centered about fights, classes builds and equipment builds.
I would say it's build around fights only since gear/stat building is pretty rudimentary.
Originally Posted by Ihaterpg View Post
TL2 solved all the problems, no more boring boss (learn how manage them and it's ok, nothing like TL1 final boss), no more impossible or boring encounters right after an entrance, and a much better difficulty curve but I advise not play it at Normal which is too easy involving a tedious gameplay, Veteran is fine, Elite is too much and is removing many possibilities when Veteran difficulty increase anyway and you'll have to learn the game to face the increased challenge.
I disagree there TL is way too easy even on elite especially compared to D2/TQ on their max difficulty.It's even easier than normal most popular TQ mods (Lilith,underlord,soulvizier)

Originally Posted by Ihaterpg View Post
Also TL2 speed up the pace (not a good point in my opinion) and it is a bit more/too technical oriented. That's why I advise not start with the Archer class which is too abstract hardcore.
Again I disagree AoE slow+entire wepon class and several skills with knockback makes kiting very easy and with it archer class very easy to play.
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