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November 28th, 2012, 23:46
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
i love playing with females, most of the chars i make are them. Not really identifying w/ them, I more see them as my pets, or daughters or sometthing, like i'm an omnipotent god guiding them. Plus they tend to look cooler all decked out in nice armor and stuff.
OMG same consequences but different causes, I think. Previous posts in that thread made me realized I wasn'tů hahem I was perhaps a bit weird and special. But you force me pinpoint it because in no way I like the idea to be mixed with what you wrote…

I'm not gay but my heroes tend be female, favorite TV series are most with strong main female hero/character, and more uncommon points like that, so I play most RPG using a female character but possibly the nice ass macho thing is fake and it's more I enjoy watch and "participate/contribute" to the adventures of females heroes.. well or I'm pure macho and they are just pets? What's sure is that I share with you the total non identification to the game hero, but still could have empathy for it. I also agree female hero look cooler.
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