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November 29th, 2012, 00:36
Thank you very much for your feedback guys! Keep it coming…

The graphics… Yeah, I am well aware that the perspective is somewhat odd. The problem is that starting over would require huge amounts of time to redraw everything: Currently I have 1.051 tile images. I started this way, because i've been used to the perspective and style from an other, older game.

If I would start today I would probably go for much larger images and use a front perspective like Archibald suggested. Realistically though, chances are I might never finish the monstrous task of redrawing all graphics. For that reason I see no option but to stick with my current "poor" perspective and try to make the best of it.

After all, graphics have never been the main focus for me. I'm a programmer, not an artist - whatever I produce will probably look bad, no matter what the perspective is…

The interface is a totally different story though. I can much more easily make improvements on the interface.
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