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November 28th, 2012, 23:59
Originally Posted by Archibald View Post
- intellect icon is inconsistent, it should be on green backgrounds as the rest
Actually, the stat icons are normally grey. They turn green after you level up and get the possibility to spend stat points on your character traits (strength, vitality, ). Intellect is not green because you cannot directly invest points.
Anyways, I think I have to make this behaviour more clear. I already thought about highlighting the tab "stats", when there are points to spend. Additionally maybe adding tooltips or a mouse-hover effect on the buttons might help.
What do you think?

Originally Posted by Archibald View Post
- start monster names with capital letter.
- I would really remove all fractions from damage, "0.60 damage" is not something a player desires
Good point. Actually I'm not happy with these damage messages entirely. I'd prefer health bars on the map - they just don't fit with the perspective too well. Also it's quite a lot of work.

Originally Posted by Archibald View Post
- You use full hue colours for text, I'm not an artists but they told me such colours always will look bad, and I tend to agree.
Probably right. I do try to use bright colors for the game, because it kinda fits with the style. Maybe I'll dim the text colors just a little bit.
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