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November 29th, 2012, 10:48
I have Windows 8. It works just fine on it. Your problem is possibly one of the other myriad of bugs people are experiencing. Their forums are overloaded with people failing to start the game on a wide variety of hardware and software configurations. It's not a pretty sight. But it's not an OS thing.

As for my experience, It runs very smooth, yes. The new journal is nice, the zooming is swell. There is good here.

Unfortunately, there's bad too. That opening cinematic is better than the original 90's CG party, but it is still completely terrible. I also dislike that the text box displays just ONE LINE at its smallest size rather than two. It's minor, but it's silly.

I would really like the wheel/middle mouse button to toggle a map/camera scrolling mode. It's also a minor complaint, possibly, but it feels like it should have been there. Particularly with the smooth window handling! Running the game is just swell in a window, except map navigation. The cursor gutter for scrolling is so narrow, the arrow keys are just awkward and out of place as game input these days. I kinda want to suggest it to them, but considering how many problems they're having just getting this to work for people, I bet it'll be lost in the sea of fury.

As nice as all this is, it is not worth $20 on PC. Not in the least. I paid for BG and I bought TOTSC. This should be free as it is nothing more than a patch and, frankly, a minor one. Bioware should be funding this project directly as a retrospective tribute to the game and franchise that made them what they are. They're not DW Bradley! They don't need to milk their crap with re-releases to eke out a meager living. This should be a Big Deal. As it is, after playing it, all I can say is big deal.
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