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November 29th, 2012, 12:35
Yesterday, while I was cleaning out the Gargath Keep, I stumbled on a few enemy soldiers gambling with dice in one room. The game offered me three choices: Attack, Leave, or Join Them. Well, of course I joined them. Can't turn down a game of dice, now can I? Have a short break with a "friendly" game of dice with the enemy soldiers, what a nice change of pace, eh?

Sure enough, I lose heavily. The game even tells it to me in those words, "You lose heavily." Undaunted I try a few more times. My luck's gotta change soon, isn't that what all gamblers think when they're losing. Same result. "You lose heavily." I'm starting to think, there's something fishy going on in here (well, that was my first thought before we even began, but money's not a something I'm short of in this game, so what the hey). Thinking of my options, I'm reminded of this classic movie scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uepFO4psgKE

But being short of beer, I opt to go for the "blowtorch option" right away. In other words, drink later, kick arse now. After I put my former gambling buddies to where they belong (i.e. the graveyard), the game laconically tells me: "You find out the dice were loaded." Well, no shit, Sherlock!

Now, dear students, you're task today is to find the funny thing in the following picture (taken right after clearing Gargath Keep, BTW). Hint: Red Mages reach level 6 at 50,000 XP. (The game's trolling me, for sure!)

Right, off to Sir Dargaard's tomb next. Loving this game!
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